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Core to Media Dynamix success is:

* its understanding of the evolving South African market,

* transition issues and

* the need to empower and educate emerging businessmen.

Many established agencies drive their business on western marketing models. At Media Dynamix we are very mindful of local conditions and tailor our solutions on a South African model. Our partnership with our clients have ensured our expertise and business has developed with that of our clients. Some of the success we're achieving on extremely tight budgets. Media Dynamix vision is to continue empowering SMME businesses. Our credibility and standing in this sector is well established. Most small businesses do not have the necessary resources or skills to market their businesses. Thus, our competent team, partner our clients by building on their weaknesses and providing extensive support. They also gain deep insight into the clients marketing needs and meet client expectations, of a perfect image through collaboration with the client.


Our management team boasts collective experience in excess of twenty five years in this industry. Mohsin Waja, the managing member is a print professional having worked as a journalist, marketing communications consultant and a designer. With his creative skills he motivates his team to produce inspiring campaigns. Fatima Bhyat is a multi-skilled professional. She is highly skilled in Information Communication Technologies as well as capable in Finacial Management Sytems. Fatima was employed in the investment sector and worked in this area for over 5 years. She then focused and pursued her passion, Information Communication Technologies. More recently Fatima has merged her skills in the Information Technology and Financial Administration. Recently Fatima has merged her skills in the Information Technology and Financial Administration. She is currently responsible for the Information Communication Technology needs of Media Dynamix as well as the Financial Administration of the company. Through selective outsourcing, Media Dynamix manages to retain its core focus and objectivity. By embracing the principles of Black Economic Empowerment, Media Dynamix has entrenched relationships with associated service providers